Nasa Chat App

This was actually supposed to be an NSA Chat app. In my haste, I misread the card, but the design turned out alright. 



Office Supplies Delivered by Owls

This was another fun card from the box. The card read "Owl Office Supply Delivery" app. My initial thought was Staples meets Postmates meets Owls. For some reason, I felt like doing it on an iPad. I don't know why, but in any case, this is what I was able to come up with in an hour...  



WikiLeaks Material & HIG

The prompt for the Material & HIG assignment was to take an existing mobile app and redesign it to meet Google's Material Specifications and/or Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. I thought the WikiLeaks mobile app would make an ideal case study because it was permanently banned from the iTunes store, and the Android version looked like it hadn't been touched in years. 




Convergence Grid

This objective here was to design using a grid to establish vertical rhythm. With body text set to 16px, and line height & grid blocks at 24px, as long as our text falls on the gridline, we will always have typographical vertical rhythm. With a standard 12 column layout, photos and paragraphs sized to align with column borders can be moved around seamlessly to accommodate screens with different sizes. 



More coming soon...