I was born in the golden age of Atari. I grew up in the DC burbs, and I went to the same high school as Joan Jett.

Most of my childhood was spent watching TV and philosophizing with the other kids who lived on my street.

Now I'm an adult (kind of). I live in NYC with my dreamy wife, and I make my living creating wondrous things. My game is web and mobile application design. I also teach/consult on design strategy, and I'm the Creator of an old school word processor called Volta.

When I'm not designing, I can usually be found writing short stories about assassins from the future. I also like baseball.




Though I have a lot of fun designing nifty interfaces and pretty graphics, my job is really about discovering where the real problems lie in any given situation and figuring out how to solve them in a manner that produces the best possible outcomes for my clients and my users. 

To help make this happen, I rely on methodologies like Lean UX, Design Thinking, and Human-centered Design, all of which enable me to identify the most critical problems and risky assumptions associated with every project and to elucidate the right solutions. 

I love what I do. I work hard at it, and my greatest wish in life (aside from playing second base for the Giants) is to keep getting better at it.

To learn more about my design processes check out my Medium post: 25 Minute Design School.

Areas of Expertise

Design Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design, Responsive UI Design, Interaction Design, Creative Direction, Design Systems, Data Visualization, User Research & Testing, Rapid Prototyping 

Applications & Frameworks

Sketch + Zeplin, Figma, InVsion, Tableau, UXpin, Adobe CS, Material, HIG, Bootstrap, Ionic